Did you experience the Kolab Taster?

During June, the Kolab team hit the road, along with IBM and Red Hat, with our Kolab Taster events. The Taster tour featured a series of itinerant gatherings where we enjoyed some great food, delicious beer and of course, lots of tech!

In case you missed out, here's what happened...


3 days, 3 cities, 3 tech powerhouses

Taster events are a series of exclusive events designed for professionals just like you. During the events, Kolab Systems teams up with our friends at Red Hat, and IBM, we visit different cities and invite companies interested in amping up their collaboration framework, while at the same cutting costs, and improving the protection of their data.

We also invite everybody who attends to drinks and food!

We kicked off in our home-town of Zurich on the 14th of June... Our very first Taster ever! We met at the The International Beer Bar, showcased our Kolab collaboration suite, talked with Richard Zobrist, Manager Partner and Alliances form Red Hat, and enjoyed some of interesting local brews and freshly cooked food.

Our next stop was on the 22nd of June, were we met up with Jan Wildeboer at the Brickmakers in down-town Vienna. Jan told us about how Red Hat is the perfect fit for Kolab (more about this below). All this while savouring local Craft beers and fresh coffee.
Finally we wrapped up our tour in Berne where we were joined  by Dr. Wolfgang Maier,
Director Of Hardware Development at IBM, who talked about the role of Power8 in our all-open Kolab stack. Talking of which...


We've been saying this a lot during our Tasters, but it's well worth repeating: Kolab is going Power8. Georg Greve, CEO at Kolab Systems, explain throughout the tour how we cannot guarantee the confidentiality and security Kolab is famous for on other platforms with closed architectures. In consequence we have decided to make the latest iteration of IBM's Power series of servers the recommended hardware platform to run Kolab on.

Becoming a member of the OpenPOWER Foundation, the organisation that ensures the Power series of servers remains open and transparent, also helps Kolab Systems guarantee there is no hidden surprises within the hardware.

You would think that all the added security would come with an overhead cost attached, but it doesn't. Dr. Wolfgang Maier, Director of Hardware Development at IBM, demonstrated to us during our Swiss leg of the journey how, in fact, the higher responsiveness and better performance you can squeeze out of the Power architecture would be in itself reason enough to change.


But, of course, the best hardware, is nothing without a solid, reliable operating system. Which brings us to...

Red Hat

As the probably the most successful provider of corporate Linux in the world, Red Hat brought their rock solid flavour of Linux operating system to the taster table. 

As Jan Wildeboer, Red Hat's EMEA Evangelist, explained in Vienna, Red Hat provides the best support, and, due to its open nature, is especially well-suited system for both the Power8 hardware and Kolab collaboration suite. By adhering to strict and strictly open standards, Red Hat Linux can be adapted to any architecture and offers a solid and secure base on which to run Kolab.



During the events the Kolab Systems team looked at how Kolab can increase your company's productivity and keep your technology up to date, while still making the most of your existing investments.

But probably, more importantly for us was advising attendees on how to ensure the protection of data, keeping it from being compromised, or becoming the object of industrial espionage, or even leaked wholesale to overseas governments by the likes of Google or Microsoft. And all that without renouncing to any of the features you are would expect from a much more expensive, albeit closed and proprietary alternatives.



And the trip is not over!  We had such a great time, the tasters will be back. Stay tuned for the next round of events, which as always will be announced on our dedicated Kolab Taster website.
Meanwhile, even if you missed our tasters, you can still take advantage of all our expertise and become part of the growing number of companies that are communicating, networking and collaborating in confidence with Kolab, Red Hat, and Power8 hardware.

Get in touch with us now and let's get started.