Hosted Kolab: A customizable, affordable, and user-friendly collaborative suite

Kolab Systems AG announces today the immediate availability of Hosted Kolab, the easiest and safest way to set up a full-featured collaborative suite (email, calendars, mailing lists, cloud access, and more) for small and medium sized organizations.

Hosted Kolab allows companies, public institutions and non-profits to have their own dedicated installation of Kolab's collaboration suite on Kolab System's dedicated cloud. Companies can create email accounts for employees; teams can share and delegate calendars, contacts, notes, To Do lists, and files with granular access permissions; and department heads can deploy and manage resources, such as common working spaces, equipment, and vehicles.

All data is hosted on Kolab System's private server farm in Switzerland. This means that, in addition to the iron-clad technological security of Kolab itself, users are also protected by Swiss privacy laws, which are amongst the strictest in the world, all without having to worry about system setup and maintenance.

However, Hosted Kolab does not let security get in the way of convenience. The included management dashboard allows administrators to set up all services in minutes, using a clear and intuitive web interface. Since the dashboard is web-based, these tasks can be performed anywhere there is Internet access, even from a cell phone while on the road.

Hosted Kolab also lets clients use their own domains names, hence companies will be able to take advantage of Hosted Kolab without having to give up their brands or corporate identity. Hosted Kolab is not only secure and convenient, but low cost as well. At 10 CHF/month per account (approximately 9 EUR or 10 USD) Hosted Kolab is far less expensive than purchasing, deploying, managing and securing local servers. Hosted Kolab helps save on specialized staff, hardware and bandwidth.

"Once we reached high standards of security and privacy for Kolab itself, we focused on making it as customizable, affordable, and user-friendly as possible. We wanted an enterprise-grade and feature-rich collaboration suite which everybody could use," said Kolab System's CEO, Georg Greve. "With Hosted Kolab we think we have achieved that. With Hosted Kolab, deploying the collaborative tools that a company needs is easier than setting up your smartphone."

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