Kolab and Pleio To Collaborate on Dutch Government Pilot Project

Kolab has joined Pleio to aid in the production of a new version of the Pleio social media platform. Pleio is currently used by some 100,000 people within the Dutch government to interact with each other and their constituencies as part of the nation's eGovernment initiative. The new pilot project was announced by Kolab Systems CEO Georg Greve at the Netfutures conference on March 25 in Brussels, and underscores the participating organizations' shared fundamental vision with regards to open source software, open standards and data security.

The goal of the pilot is to to provide Pleio with a broader, more modular base architecture by integrating components from the Kolab collaboration suite into its core. Both products will remain independent, continuing to be developed within their respective communities, but efforts will be bundled wherever possible with a focus on strengthening their ecosystems together.

The Kolab 4 Pleio pilot project was announced along with a call for participation on the Pleio website and development planning has begun.

About Pleio

Today's citizens are asking for an integrated service platform where officials can easily collaborate with each other and engage citizens, and hundreds of government organizations share this exact same need. Historically, each organization has largely tried to reinvent the wheel and independently purchase technical solutions. That could be done better and more economically.

Pleio is the open platform that provides a social network with integrated blogging, groups and meetings, wikis, and file sharing designed for use in eGovernment.

Pleio is an initiative of the Programme Officer 2.0 with the Treasury in the Netherlands in coordination with other Dutch governmental agencies.