Kolab Systems joins OpenPower

Kolab Systems [1], creators and providers of the open source Kolab collaboration suite, are as from today, full members of the OpenPOWER Foundation [2].

As member of the OpenPower Foundation, Kolab brings customers access to the cloud of the future driven by IBMs bleeding-edge Power hardware architecture. The Power line of servers improves the experience with Kolab,  pushing performance of the already agile Kolab suite to new heights and allowing companies to manage even more simultaneous users and more services.

Another advantage this move brings is the non-trivial boost to our customers' security. By sidelining other insecure and closed hardware architectures in favour of the open Power hardware platform, Kolab Systems cannot only safeguard information at the software level, but also protect the privacy of our customers' companies and individual users at the hardware level.

The spirit of the OpenPOWER Foundation is well-suited to the open source principles of Kolab Systems. Becoming a member of OpenPOWER allows Kolab Systems to participate in the fine-tuning  of the Power hardware for our Kolab suite. The know-how Kolab System acquires as a member of the OpenPOWER Foundation also allows us to better adapt Kolab to the Power architecture.

"Solutions built on Open Software and Hardware are proving to be key drivers for IT adoption in today's ever-changing technology landscape," said Rick Newman, Director of OpenPOWER Strategy & Market Development Europe. "By working with the robust ecosystem of the OpenPOWER Foundation and building solutions on top of the POWER platform, Kolab Systems AG is able to play a key role in infrastructure innovation for today's and tomorrow's emerging workloads." 
[2] About Kolab Systems AG
Kolab Systems AG is the Independent Software Vendor (ISV) and Software as a Service (SaaS) company that puts confidence back into collaboration. Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Kolab Systems is fully committed to privacy, security, software freedom and Open Standards. 

Our flagship product Kolab is the world's most loved Open Source collaboration and productivity solution with a 12 year proven track record in the realm of information protection and service delivery. Kolab Systems provides professional services and support to customers and partners around the globe, helping them get the most out of Kolab.

For more information, contact our sales team.

[1] The OpenPOWER Foundation is an open technical membership organization based around IBM's POWER microprocessor architecture that enables data centers to rethink their approach to technology. Member companies are enabled to customize POWER CPU processors and system platforms for optimization and innovation for their business needs. These innovations include custom systems for large or warehouse scale data centers, workload acceleration through GPU, FPGA or advanced I/O, platform optimization for SW appliances, or advanced hardware technology exploitation. OpenPOWER members are actively pursing all of these innovations and more and welcome all parties to join in moving the state of the art of OpenPOWER systems design forward. 

For more information visit the openPower website.