Opening 2015 in Style: Mark your Calendars

Kolab has enabled individuals and communities to collaborate in freedom and security since 2002. Driven by the pursuit of excellence, we have re-tooled Kolab extensively in the last few years. Now it is time to make the outer beauty match what's on the inside.

A stunning new visual design for the Kolab web client, Kolab community infrastructure and Kolab Systems is set to be rolled out over the coming weeks. Along with this upgrade to the look & feel, MyKolab users will find an exciting range of new features available to them such as integrated notes and universal tagging.

It is also time to mark the 2nd and 3rd of May 2015 in your calendars: the inaugural Kolab Summit will be held in The Hague on those dates. Come and join us for two days jam-packed full with talks, code sprints and social events!

Kolab has been adopted by companies and governments around the world, making it one of the most successful poster childs for Free Software and Open Standards. The Kolab Summit is your best opportunity to meet and network with the community which has grown around Kolab.

As an upstream-oriented community, we consider the software projects that are integrated into Kolab to be a part of our ecosystem. The Roundcube webmail application, with over half a million confirmed installations worldwide, is one of the more significant of these. So it is only natural that lead Roundcube developers will also be at the Kolab Summit hosting sessions on Roundcube.

These two intense days focused on the future of free, secure and open collaboration will be co-located with the openSUSE Conference 2015. We and are looking forward to mixing and mingling with the Geekos!

The Kolab Summit web site along with the Request for Papers will launch in the coming days, so stay tuned. We hope to see you in The Hague in May! If you want to meet with us even sooner, Kolab will also be at FOSDEM 2015 in Brussels at the end of this month.