Visit Kolab System at CeBit: Meet our new partners, check out Kolab running on a high-powered IBM server.

Switzerland is the partner country at this year's CeBit, so it is doubly apt that our new partner, Secure Swiss Data will be there sharing a booth with us. Secure Swiss Data, a CeBit first-timer, is presenting their Kolab-powered encrypted email and data services at the show. Their service, apart from email, includes cloud-based calendars, notes, schedules, tasks and file systems, all of which are automatically integrated within an email dashboard and can be synchronised seamlessly across all kinds of devices. Also contacts can be organized in multiple groups and used as mailing lists, and address books can also be shared between users.

David Bruno, Vice-President Business Development of Secure Swiss Data, explains how their service is different to that of a regular email and cloud hosting: "All our customers' information is stored exclusively in Switzerland, using the Kolab collaboration suite. This means all data is protected by a unique combination of services, laws, operational principles, and technologies. Providers of free/gratis email offer no such safety measures." Bruno adds that "private data like photos, personal messages and even a company's confidential information, are more likely to be stolen when you use insecure online services. With industrial espionage accounting for 12 billion euros in Germany only last year, that is a risk no one can afford to take."

Our partnership with Secure Swiss Data is contributing to help Kolab reach an ever expanding market of concerned citizens and enterprises, providing an ever-growing number of individuals and organizations with secure and private storage for their data.

Precisely to cater for this burgeoning market, Kolab Systems is demonstrating how well the Kolab collaboration suite works on bigger and more powerful platforms. At this year's CeBit, for example, we are showcasing a new, all-open Kolab stack based on IBM hardware. The system combines an IBM Power8 server, cornerstone of IBM's OpenPOWER strategy; running an open operating system, courtesy of Red Hat; with Kolab's open collaboration suite on top, making it open all the way up. The system is an example of how Kolab Systems, apart from providing services for end users, is growing its range of enterprise-oriented products.

So come by Kolab System's booth, located at Hall 6, Booth D30, and check out live what's new.