Personal Certification

You are a professional that wishes to be certified as part of your professional curriculum? Want to demonstrate to future employers that you have what it takes to deploy, administrate, support or just use Kolab Enterprise? Kolab Systems has a range of Kolab certifications based upon our training offerings that allow you to document your level of competency.

Application Certification

You are an application vendor that should interoperate with Kolab Enterprise and wish to document to your potential customers the degree of integration you have achieved? Kolab Systems will work with you to certify this level of integration.

Solution Certification

You are the vendor of an integrated solution that includes Kolab Enterprise or a subset of its technologies and functionalities? Want to ensure your users know that they make a solid choice when choosing your product? Kolab Systems will certify the compliance with best Kolab technology principles and guidelines.

Certification Principles

All certifications by Kolab Systems are always based on actual testing, always involving a mix of automated and manual testing to ensure meaningful results. These tests are always based upon test plans that will be published alongside the actual test results to fully document what the certification is about and make transparent what level of certification was reached, and why.